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Movie time distractions :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 5 0 Dimia Erganesa, the mom of Sabi :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 6 1 Sabi Selfie (with krogan) :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 7 1 A crazy lil thing called lov3 :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 8 0 Alone in the rain :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 26 0 Nose boop of luffs :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 10 0 Walk the doggy with the hubby :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 8 0 Sabi at the beach :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 27 0 Battle ready Sabi :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 54 0 I can be anyone :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 7 1 Weathered viper lightsaber for sale :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 5 7 All Hail The Soup Queen ! :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 18 1 Drunk tongue kisses :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 19 0 Stop fidgitting 'w' :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 16 0 Them belly scritches :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 16 0 Sabi and Hen sitting on a skateboard thing :iconpyremoonshadow:Pyremoonshadow 12 0


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Movie time distractions
Here we can see the Sabs try and enjoy watch a movie


A wild hubby and doggo appear, demanding attention from our Sabs.

See what happens in the next episode of "Sabi's movie time"

This artwork was made by   adriennesden
Feranta and volcom belong to   feranta
Sabi belongs to me©
turians belong to bioware/mass effect

see the original here…
Dimia Erganesa, the mom of Sabi
The amazing angel of a mother of the precious Sabi <3

This amazing piece was made by…
Dimia belongs to me(c)

Turians belong to mass effect/bioware

see the original here:…
Sabi Selfie (with krogan)
Let me take a selfie :P

so yea that happend XD

oke ill give a lil story with this XD

Sabi was sitting with some new friends she made while she was on vacation. She had won a small trip with some kind of contest she joined for fun, not really caring if she would win or not but she did.

Drinks and food, (mostly drinks) filled the night as Sabi and her new friends had fun in the club, dancing, talking or what not they did there until they played a human game called "Truth or dare". Ofcourse since all were pretty much getting drunk only made it more fun with some truths some people told or some simple dares. 

However, one of her friends noticed a krogan sitting alone at the bar and snickered "Oh oh, my turn" the human said and looked at Sabi "Truth or dare" he asked her with a smile. Sabi took a swig from her drink and leaned back "Dare" she said before taking another swig "Oke, I want you to kiss that krogan at the bar and take a picture of it" he told her. Everyone gasped for a moment. Sabi set her drink down "That one" she asked as she looked back. She tilted her head for a moment but then slowly got up and started to walk (more like wobble) over to the krogan. 

The krogan didn't even notice Sabi until he felt someone tapping on his shoulder "What do you mrff". His eyes widend as he saw a turian female kissing him full on. Sabi reached around and put her hand on the back of his head and kissed him even mroe deeply, even slipping a bit of tongue before she stuck her arm out and let her omni-tool take a picture of them.

She broke the kiss and smiled a bit at him as he just looked baffled over what just happend. "See ya" she said before she walked back to her table as the krogan watched her walk off. He brought his fingers to his lips and shook his head as he started to blush.

(and what happens after that, well who knows ;3 maybe this krogan has a thing for turians and maaaaybe he will become a new oc but time will tell) 

awsome artwork made by   Feranta
Sabi and the krogan belongs to me©
turians and krogans belong to mass effect /bioware
A crazy lil thing called lov3
ha, i made a short joke with sabi..cause she's short....<w< yea

A lovely belated barfday present from   feranta for me <3

they look so cute and happy, the burbies <3 Sabi had to get on the skateboard to reach him properly, Hen so tall :o

Sabi belongs to me©
loganhen belongs to   feranta
artwork is made by   aelwen

turians belong to mass effect / bioware

Alone in the rain
Sabi looks like something bad has happend to her, but what could it be ?

sabi belongs to me©
amazing artwork was made by   kittiara

turians belong to mass effect / bioware


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